A handful of articles and books have been written about Central and Eastern European avant-garde cinema, trying to categorize and analyze the work of the most famous experimental filmmakers, but the last 15-20 years are still undiscovered. Websites like inyfilm.sk, cinovid.org or monoskop.org help to collect and show some of the latest Central and Eastern European experimental films; and programs like International Fest of Experimental Film and Digital Art in Slovakia, Artfilmfest, the experimental section of Viennale, Fullframe Kunstfilmfestival, 25 FPS, Anemic Festival, Mediawave, KAFF, ALTER-NATIVE, Kinofest and Cross-talk Filmfestival try to bring experimental film and digital art closer to the public. Despite this, a general discussion about the Central and Eastern European contemporary experimental cinema has still not started. There is a general repudiation of the trend by the „local” public, although in the age of digital media the significance of the language of the experimental film has grown.

This website has been launched in order to introduce Central and Eastern European experimental cinema to a wider public. The goal is to start a general discussion about the “local” contemporary avant-garde film, so together we could slow down the act of perception and renew our relationship to the moving picture.

Dorottya Szalay