Editor: Dorottya Szalay

I am a PhD candidate at the University of Theatre and Film Arts Budapest. My research focuses on the forms of abstraction in Central and Eastern European non-narrative films. I am currently based in Toronto.

I was born in Hungary. I graduated as a film theorist, film historian in 2011. I wrote my thesis on the “beat cinema”, an unusual trend of the American avant-garde film. I was awarded two international scholarships which gave me the opportunity to spend a semester in Slovakia and a year in Czech Republic and have a closer look at their experimental film scenes. My articles have been published in several significant Hungarian and a few international offline and online film periodicals.

English proofreader: Johannes Wachs

I am a PhD Student of János Kertész at Central European University’s Center for Network Science. I am a computational social scientist specializing in network methods. My dissertation is on corruption and collusion in public procurement markets.

I was born in Germany but grew up in the United States. I finished my first degree in New Orleans, then moved to Budapest in 2009 where I studied mathematics and learned Hungarian. After working two years in finance I realized my true interests are the social, political and cultural past and present of Central Eastern Europe. I contribute to several political and economic blogs on the region, and help proofread here at artinCINEMA.